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Shirley Rosario

Omaha Poker Scooping
The value of scooping pots versus splitting

Discipline and the black hole of tilting

Suited Connectors
Suited cards and No Limit Hold'em

Rebuy Tournaments Online
Multiple rebuy tournaments

Poker Bankroll
The importance of properly managing a bankroll

Online No Limit Holdem Satellites
Playing satellites and Sit-n-Go Tournaments

Pet Peeves
Things and players to drive you crazy when playing

Michael Jordan, Basketball and Poker
Quotes from a champion that apply to poker

Friends at the Poker Table
Playing in the same game as your friends

Shut Up: Poker Table Talk
Listen, don't babble like the babblers

Women in Poker
The perspective of a female player

Online Versus Casino Poker
Differences between casino play and playing online

"Great" Poker Players
What makes different players great

Free Online Poker Games
Reasons for playing online play money games

Q and A for
An interview with Magazine

What is a poker prop player?
The basics of playing as a prop for a cardroom

Live at the Bike
Description of working as a Live at the Bike commentator

Poker for Dummies
Filming for the DVD