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Tournament PokerHere are some articles and trip reports on various poker tournaments I've traveled to or won:

2005 Legends of Poker Omaha High-Low
2009 California State HORSE Poker Championship
2010 California State HORSE Poker Championship
2011 LA Poker Classic HORSE event
Two official event reports by Max Shapiro for events I won
Hustler Grand Slam Tournament
Legends of Poker 2005
Two other Legends events
The 2005 Legends of Poker WPT event
2009 Legends of Poker events

World Series of Poker
Trip reports from playing in events

Latin American Poker Tour
Playing a tournament from the first season
Vina del Mar - Chile, LAPT - Costa Rica

PokerStars Caribbean Adventure
Annual event held in the Bahamas, also 2009 and 2010 reports

Asian Pacific Poker Tour
Series of events held in Asia and the south Pacific, including New Zealand

European Poker Tour
Tournaments sponsored by Pokerstars in Europe, including San Remo