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European Poker TourPerhaps the most prestigious PokerStars tournaments are those played on the European Poker Tour, commonly called the EPT. With stops sprawling from Western to Eastern Europe and through the Nordic regions, the EPT continues to grow every year and has become a household name for poker players around the globe. Because it seems that a star is born out of every EPT event, the titles are highly coveted and sought after by top professionals and amateurs alike. The events are held at Europe’s most premier resorts and casinos in cities like Barcelona, London, Prague, San Remo and Monte Carlo, so it’s no wonder that the EPT is the most popular of all the PokerStars tours.

Because there are so many stops across several diverse regions of Europe, the European Poker Tour offers something for everyone. Whether you are lounging on the beaches of Spain or Italy while waiting for your tournament to start, or hitting the slopes in Austria after celebrating a big cash, you are sure to find each EPT destination a unique experience. PokerStars has worked hard to make sure that the events are appealing in every way, never skimping on the perks for their qualifying players or the excellent tournament structures that have become famous for. Every stop on the European Poker Tour is an experience that is not to be missed by the poker travel enthusiast.

No matter where you are coming from in the world, you are sure to be impressed with the treatment you will receive after qualifying for an EPT event on No expense is spared in making sure that the players are comfortable and pampered throughout their entire stay at each European Poker Tour event. As soon as you check into the hotel that PokerStars has arranged for you, it will become clear that you have arrived in luxury. Each qualifying player will be booked in a premium resort that is usually very close to the tournament room to ensure they get the rest needed to play their best. In addition, PokerStars players will receive a player’s bag that will be filled with all kinds of poker accessories and high quality clothing (not to mention the bag itself, which is great to take with you to tournaments).

Typically taking place the night before the Main Event, the PokerStars party is an event in itself. In addition to the complimentary food and drinks, the welcome party is a great opportunity to meet players from around the world and even chat with several members of Team PokerStars Pro like Dario Minieri, Jason Mercier, Vanessa Rousso and Bertrand “ElKy” Grospellier.

After surely enjoying a good night’s sleep at a premium European resort, players will undoubtedly be impressed by the way the tournaments are run. The PokerStars staff is always professional and helpful, even providing interpreters to bridge language barriers among players. The events themselves are structured incredibly, always providing long levels and deep starting stacks to ensure that the tournaments require the most amount of skill to win, rather than luck. The EPT is famous for large prize pools generated by massive fields, so first place is definitely worth playing for. There is no doubt that the fields are competitive and draw some of the best players in the world, making a European Poker Tour title an extremely valuable addition to any player’s resume.

Because each EPT destination is chosen carefully at only the most picturesque locations across Europe, players will find that making a vacation out of their trip is an easy task. Besides the always entertaining action happening inside the casino, there are endless possibilities for adventures outside the poker room. In addition to the local scenery, players could easily spend several weeks travelling the continent by train or car, and are bound to end up at another EPT event if they stick around long enough.

The best way to join us at the next European Poker Tour stop is to qualify on There are several ways to win your package, which will include spending money for travel expenses, accommodations at a luxurious hotel and a buy-in to the Main Event. Because there are so many stops on the EPT, there are always satellites running online. The PokerStars steps program is a great way to make your way to the EPT without spending too much money, or you can qualify directly in the larger multi-table tournaments. Go to to see what events are coming up next, win your package and join us at the tables in Europe. If you want to read about our past experiences at the EPT, check out the links on the left.