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by Halli Pinson

Poker TripsAnyone who knows me knows that I have an insatiable appetite for seeking new experiences and enjoying my life everyday. Whether it be staying home with a book or hightailing it to Las Vegas on a whim, I have always done what makes me happy. According to my mother, I was outgoing and social from the moment I was born, and as a teenager I was never afraid to test the limits of my age (or, to their dismay, my parentsí rules). At the age of 21, I ventured to Europe alone, determined to experience something different and see places I had only read about in books. I spent six weeks realizing that while I enjoy the comforts of home and being close to my friends and family, I am no typical girl. I came back more aware of who I was and what the world has to offer, knowing that the desire to travel would be with me for the rest of my life.

Itís no surprise that I ended up choosing such an unconventional path and becoming a professional poker player. I was immediately hooked on the highs and lows of the game and my competitive nature drove my desire to play well and use skill to my advantage. I had originally wanted to become a journalist with hopes of meeting interesting people and traveling the world, all while enjoying my job. Poker has certainly given me the same opportunities, and while itís by no means a perfect profession (thereís nothing like an eight month cooler to get in the way of enjoying your job), for me itís a pretty comfortable fit.

While I certainly enjoy the monetary rewards and the travel opportunities associated with playing poker, I am most grateful for the people that the game has brought into my life. I have several close friends who I have met while playing or through other players, one of whom is my Poker-Journeys partner in crime, Shirley. Introduced through a mutual poker buddy, we became quick friends and almost immediately started travelling together. Our first trip to a Latin American Poker Tour stop in Uruguay was where we began to form our bond, bridged by our love for poker, travel, food, wine, laughter and enjoying life to its fullest. After just one trip, we were both hooked and decided to make the PokerStars tours a part of our life from there on out. Having now travelled together in every direction and collected countless memories from different spots around the world, I donít see an end to our poker journeys in sight.

When Iím not travelling the globe with Shirley and PokerStars, you can find me at home in Long Beach, California where I am either grinding cash games at local card rooms or playing online at In addition to my cash game successes, I have cashed in tournaments in the United States, Uruguay, New Zealand and The Bahamas. I am also a contributing writer to and Click on the links below to read about my international adventures while travelling to several PokerStars tours.

Uruguay Ė My first trip to the LAPT was to Punta del Este and was filled with lots of laughing, drinking, and weaseling into the money.

Costa Rica Ė Our unbelievable adventure started in San Jose for the LAPT tournament before we headed out to explore the Costa Rican rivers, jungles and beaches.

Chile Ė Shirley and I had a blast in Santiago before reuniting with our friends in seaside Vina del Mar for another PokerStars LAPT event, which delivered the usual laughs - on and off the poker table.

New Zealand Ė Our journey across the world for the APPT in Auckland was filled with unforgettable thrills that left me breathless, not to mention two final tables to end the trip.

The Bahamas Ė The PCA was a bumpy ride (on and off the waterslides) but eventually ended in triumph when Shirley and I both final tabled the Ladies Championship.